Silent Night (2012) and Delirium Noel

I remember when a remake was announced for the trashy Classic Silent Night, Deadly Night. I knew a remake could never reach the heights of depravity as the original. In it, a 5 year old boy, Billy, witnesses his parent’s death at the hands of a Santa Claus gone bad. He and his brother Ricky […]

Def-Con 4 and La Fin Du Monde

So here we are, the Eve of The Apocalypse. Last call for alcohol. Get your jollies in before the clock chimes Zero. I figure I’d add my two cents to the Apocalypse Bandwagon with a slab of Canadian bacon, Def-Con4. Secretly orbiting the Earth is a U.S. satellite¬† housing three astronauts and a nuclear arsenal. […]

Storm’s A Brewin’

Greetings! My name is Jeremy. I watch a lot of movies and drink a lot of beer. And instead of just doing it, I intend to write about it too. The purpose of this blog is to pair beers with movies. While my taste in film is a little on the trashy side, my taste […]