It’s 1987, Do You Know What Your Kids Are Renting?

This popped up on my Facebook feed today and is too good not to talk about. Taking a page from “Seduction of the Innocent”, 20/20 takes a grim look at the video rental boom. VCRs are gateways to blood fests and splatter. Is the evidence really that damning? Reporter Bob Brown talks to kids, concerned […]

The Raven and The Poet Oatmeal Stout

Once upon a weeknight dreary, I drank beer and watched something silly… It’s late 1849, and a series of grisly murders are being committed in Baltimore, Maryland. There’s something different about these crime scenes, though. Something familar, each one is modeled after a short story by Baltimore’s most famous/drunk author, Edgar Allan Poe (Johm Cusack). […]