FIELD TRIP EDITION Up The Creek and Float Trip Ale

Float trips are a rite of passage in Missouri. Pack a cooler full of beer, enough food and water to absorb the alcohol, grab your friends and you’ve got one hell of a summer day. With a name like Float Trip Ale, I knew I had to test it in the wild.

Bob McGraw is in his 12th year of college (he’s 30?). He and his frat brothers, at who cares University, are blackmailed by the Dean to enter the annual intercollegiate raft race. Seems the college has never won an event and Not Dean Wormer wants them to win. I’m glad the raft race is so important. To round out Bob’s team he has his best Frat brothers along for the ride. They’re in it for the partying and the girls. But the competition is no joke with the snooty Ivy League team and the crazed Military Academy. Forget about winning, these losers will be lucky if they make it out alive.

Up the Creek is Animal House on a river. There I said it. And hey look, Tim Matheson and Stephen Furst are playing thinly veiled versions of Otter and Flounder. If that wasn’t enough, Dan Monahan from the Porky’s franchise plays Max. Yup. They even got Pee Wee. But don’t think this crap is even in the same raft as those movies. This movie is terimanlly unfunny. Maybe it’s me. I have seen this before and knew how bad it would hurt. Like peeling off a band aid for 100 minutes. The best performance is courtesy of Frank Welker as the dog. I”ll give props to the annoyingly catchy song by Cheap Trick. And holy crap! There’s an official music video!

It has been a long time since I’ve watched Animal House. I don’t know if Matheson’s character narrates aloud in that, but he does it all the goddamn time in this miserable movie. I did at one point wonder if Up the Creek was the worse movie I’ve watched for this site. It’s certainly in the Top 5. As lazy as I find the majority of list posts maybe I’ll whip one up for a later date.

float trip.jpg
Just add ice!

Float Trip Ale is an American Blonde Ale from Piney River Brewing in Bucyrus, Missouri. Piney River Brewing was founded by Joleen and Brian Durham in 2010 in Southern Missouri. The couple renovated an old barn, christening it The BARn, that houses their brewery, canning line and tasting room. They must be on to something because they keep winning awards. Gold at the 2013 Great American Beer Festival. Another Gold for Float Trip at the 2014 World Beer Cup. And most recently two Bronze medals at the US Beer Open Championship. While billed as a Blonde Ale, I thought Float Trip was a Wheat Beer. It has a malty,  biscuit aroma. It’s a beer that goes down maybe a little too easy. I had three and that doesn’t include the other beers I had.

For my float trip, I went down to Steelville to a part of the Meremac River. With a raft(for the coolers), a kayak and everyone else in intertubes Weather-wise it was a perfect day. Plenty of sun, low humidity and no rain. And I didn’t get sunburned. With floating there always comes lost items. In my group two pairs of sunglasses and a watch were lost. There was a beer that didn’t get caught and ended up at the bottom of the river. Which made me wonder how many cans of beer had a permanent home there.

Cans of Piney River can be found all over Missouri and Arkansas.  I watched Up the Creek on VHS. For the sadists out there, it’s on Amazon Prime.


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