I haven’t had Netflix since 2011. For the next few days I’ll be catching up and offering my thoughts on what I watch. Feel free to use this as your October guide.

If there’s a theme for today’s double feature it would be the running time. I have no shame in choosing movies based on their running time. With both films under 80 minutes you can have a double feature in under three hours.

Sorority sisters have their girls only weekend disrupted by their boyfriends. That’s the least of their worries because a barrel of toxic sludge has turned all the beavers in the area into an undead army!

What a relief it is when someone comes up with a silly title and works hard to make a good movie! And even more surprising was the practical effects. Zombeavers knows what type of movie it is. Low budget, gratuitous nudity (actually less than I anticipated) and gleefully gory. I’m surprised the scene with one of the zombeavers gnawing on a different kind of wood isn’t more infamous. There are some night shots of effects that are far too dark. I understand low lighting helps small budget movies but viewers shouldn’t be squinting to figure out what’s going on. 

  Darling is one of the latest films from New York based Glass Eye Pix. Lauren Ashley Carter plays a lonely woman hired to housesit an old mansion with a dark past. And she slowly unravels. Is it her or the house? And that question is what I find so intriguing about this film. I’m not a fan of the different “chapters” but I recommend this to any seasoned Horror fan.

What’s surprising is how many films director and writer Mickey Keating has been making. His previous film,  Pod, was released at the end of 2015. Carnage Park is currently available on VOD. And star Lauren Ashley Carter is no slouch. Also appearing in Pod, The Mind’s Eye, Jug Face, and The Woman. Glass Eye Pix owner Larry Fessenden is a great barometer for Horror. If he produces or agrees to appear in a movie, it almost certainly is good. 

I watched Zombeavers before work and capped the night with Darling. If you were to watch them back to back expect a case of whiplash.

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