I haven’t had Netflix since 2011. For the next few days I’ll be catching up and offering my opinion on what I watched. Feel free to use this as a guide for your October.

A friend of mine has been on a quest to find a movie that scares him. One that wil force him to sleep with the lights on. That’s a tall order. So far he has been unsuccessful in recreating that fear he felt when he was a kid. 

I think it has something to do with age. What was scary as a child isn’t scary when you’re older. You know that monster isn’t waiting in the shadows. Except clowns. I don’t get that fear, but I know a few people who think they’re terrifying. Recreating that childhood fear, or other emotions, is what fuels nostalgia. A movie can supply that feeling but it may only last the running time.

Stranger Things using visual references from other movies works because of its emotional core. You care about the characters journeys. Weirdos and losers have an authenticity to them. Maybe because everyone at some point feels like they’re on the outside looking in. Dead of Summer‘s half assed patische of Horror cliches fall flat. Cliches can work but when there’s no thought or intent besides spooky it rings hollow. The utter lack of compelling characters drives another nail in that coffin. 

I also watched Mike Flanagan’s Hush last night. And wow. It felt like a spring coiling for 80 minutes. I heard it was an update of Wait Until Dark and I understand the comparison but this was much more nerve wrecking. 

Hush was produced by hit Horror maker Blumhouse Productions. It debuted exclusively on Netflix in April. It is one of at least five recent Blumhouse titles that have premiered on the platform. If you enjoyed Hush and Oculus  be sure to seek out Flanagan’s first film, Absentia.

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