A View to A Kill and Mission Gose

I remember before Casino Royale was released in 2006, the announcement that the new James Bond would drink beer. Heineken to be specific. Of all beers for a Scotsman to order, Heineken, really? Supply enough cash and corporate synergy I suppose anything is possible. With Spectre opening this weekend I thought it’d be fun to […]

Steel and Steel Reserve 211

Superman Dead! In the early 90s sales on Superman titles were low and DC Comics was looking to shake things up. Killing him seemed the way to go. In his absence, four men took up the mantle. A sassy clone, a cyborg, a man in steel armor, and some dude in goggles. And only one […]

Bullet to the Head and Coors Light

Things weren’t looking too good for Sylvester Stallone at the turn of the century. Planet Hollywood, in which he was a shareholder, filed for bankruptcy, movie roles were drying up. Some movies were skipping the multiplexes and debuting on video, unless Eye See You played on two screens. And worst of all, he starred in […]