Coffee and Cigarettes and Imperial Java Stout

Coffee and Cigarettes is a series of conversations all while drinking coffee and smoking. Participants include Tom Waits, Steven Wright, Iggy Pop, Cate Blanchett, Roberto Benigni, Steve Buscemi, Alfred Molina, The White Stripes, Steve Coogan, RZA, GZA and Bill Murray. Talk drifts from dreams, health, conspiracy theory, and family. Jim Jarmusch’s film started out as […]

The Raven and The Poet Oatmeal Stout

Once upon a weeknight dreary, I drank beer and watched something silly… It’s late 1849, and a series of grisly murders are being committed in Baltimore, Maryland. There’s something different about these crime scenes, though. Something familar, each one is modeled after a short story by Baltimore’s most famous/drunk author, Edgar Allan Poe (Johm Cusack). […]