Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe and Abraxas

Ideas take time. So few spring from foreheads fully formed like Athena. This blog started out as an idea. And was nurtured and encouraged until I finally started it two years ago. It’s a lot more work than I anticipated. It wasn’t the execution I find to be the most difficult, but following through that […]

Sharknado and Tornado Alley

Yes, it’s true. I jumped on the Sharknado bandwagon, the latest in a series of low budget made for TV premiering on SyFy (I could spend a whole post on that name change). With a title like that what could go wrong? It stars Tara Reid. Oh. From this point on it’s best to turn […]

The Thing and Isolation Ale

The Fifth of March and Old Man Winter still has the Midwest by the short hairs. It seems like it’s been snowing every day but with little to show in the way of accumulation. Just mild cases of grumpiness, people forgetting how to drive, and decimating runs on the dairy department at the local store. […]

Def-Con 4 and La Fin Du Monde

So here we are, the Eve of The Apocalypse. Last call for alcohol. Get your jollies in before the clock chimes Zero. I figure I’d add my two cents to the Apocalypse Bandwagon with a slab of Canadian bacon, Def-Con4. Secretly orbiting the Earth is a U.S. satellite  housing three astronauts and a nuclear arsenal. […]