Book Review: A Brew to a Kill

Whenever I [rarely] mention my blog, I hear “I’ll google it.” quite a bit. A few months ago I decided to do the same and see what pops up. And the first result that popped up was A Brew to a Kill by Cleo Coyle. The initial idea was to review this back to back with A […]

Shogun Assassin and Akari Shogun

In Tokugawa era Japan a great samurai, Itto (Tomisaburo Wakayama), served his Shogun well. There was no one better at relieving heads from fool’s necks. That was until the old Shogun got paranoid and had the Itto’s wife killed. Ordered to commit suicide by the Shogun, the Lone Wolf escapes with his son, Daigoro, and […]

In The Not Too Distant Future

I haven’t published anything for a month but there’s plenty going on. So I thought I’d cover some of them. For December I am writing a Horror Advent Calendar. Yuletide Terrors is a list 24 Horror movies that take place on or around Christmas. You can check it out at Speaking of Christmas horror, […]

It’s 1987, Do You Know What Your Kids Are Renting?

This popped up on my Facebook feed today and is too good not to talk about. Taking a page from “Seduction of the Innocent”, 20/20 takes a grim look at the video rental boom. VCRs are gateways to blood fests and splatter. Is the evidence really that damning? Reporter Bob Brown talks to kids, concerned […]

Jake West’s Evil Aliens and Alien Imperial Stout

Hey guys! It’s cold, which means it’s stout weather! Admittedly, it’s not nearly as cold down here in Texas as it is up north where y’all actually get snow, but still. Anyway, this combination comes courtesy of my sister, who got me the Evil Aliens DVD for Christmas last year, and I’m only now getting […]

Hatchet II and Buried Hatchet Stout

Guest Column time! Everyone welcome Mark and his first review. Hey everybody! I’m Mark- me and Jeremy go a loooong way back. We’ve drunk a lot of beer together, and watched even more trashy movies together. It’s pretty awesome. And so, when I found out my buddy had gotten this beer + movie blog started, […]

No More Baths! and Dirty Bastard

I have a confession. I’m addicted to video tapes. Remember when people used to call them that before VHS? Say it with me, V-C-R, not VHS player (eat a dick, DVD). When I can, I scourge thrift stores for analog goodness. There’s no greater feeling than finding a Gorgon Video release nestled between Disney flicks […]